INDEPENDENT PROPERTY SOLUTIONS (IPS) is a personal service founded by Interior Designer (& part time product designer) Edward Winter and a small team of committed individuals. We offer a range of solutions and services for property owners, both in the UK and internationally, we can cater to any needs of you or your home, whether to generate income or to provide a service. 

Most of our business circulates around the Three mains services below. With less overheads then that of our bigger counterparts we can offer reduced rates and a more personable service, and in a lot of case, with better know how.


“I have been working with Edward and his team for over three years now, on four different properties. They excelled every step of the way - from finding good investments, through sourcing reliable, fair, and efficient contractors, to lease, management and finally sales; I have never had to worry about any step of the process. I live abroad, and having someone who is so efficient and wonderful at their job is exceptionally rare, and a HUGE relief. I cannot imagine working with anyone else; they truly go above and beyond.”


Aleksandra Zak March 2018


Owning a house is expensive, there can be many ways to allow your house to generate income for you, not just renting it out, meaning you then have no where to live. We can manage lettings long and short from 1 day to 365 days, but there are other avenues out there that can turn your home into an extra income or at least make it pay for its self. Including, Film location, Air B&B, Short courses and House Sitting, Security.


Buying or renting a new home while very exciting can be stressful, there are a lot of options out there, and a lot of agents wanting your business and willing to show you everything they have on their books, that often don’t fit your requirements. For a fixed rate or by the hour we can sift through everything out there, deal with all the agents phone calls and emails, and only bring forward the properties that fit your needs based on the complimentary profile we will spend time building with you before the search begins. 






Every job is different so the fees are entirely bespoke. In the case of renovations it depends on the scale of the job, commission can be anything between 3% to 10%. All costs are negotiated before work starts, and then fixed.