Property Management can be a number of things;

Residential Management is looking after a property for a landlord and liazing with their tenant(s) on their behalf. We take care of everything from finding a tenant (See Estate Agency) to leaking that dripping tap or fitting a new Kitchen. Our service promises to financially undercut that of High Street Agents and deliver a more thorough service due to our background in construction. Please call for  an instant quote. 

Residential Management is the back bone of our company and we are very proud of relationships with our clients, and their tenants. We currently Manage a Residential Property Portfolio valued at approximately 
£20 Million. 


Private Property  Management, with many of our clients overseas with properties in the UK. We maintain and look after everything.  In some cases it can be tending to any problems that can occur from having a dormant flat/house, or as above a Tenant. Including collect/forwarding mail, taking deliveries and watering plants or having your property warm, lit, clean and alive for your return. 

Block Management, This essential services is complex due to the many persons involved from the Freeholder to the Leaseholders and perhaps their Tenants. With a good understanding of the systems tied to block management we aim to effectively achieve all the goals set out in a friendly and efficient manner. 


So If your property is rented, but you don’t have the time to manage it we can, we have a good collection of properties on our books of which we have varied levels of involvement. We can work for the Landlord and or Tenants, performing large or small rolls from simply fixing the boiler to finding tenants, or obtaining and managing services like cleaners and gardeners.